Herbie Mann's Music

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Chicken Little
from the Herbie Mann Plays album, recorded December, 1954; released 1956.
Herbie Mann: flute; Benny Weeks: guitar; Keith Hodgson: bass; Lee Rockey: drums

Why Do I Love You?
from the The Man With the Most album, recorded October, 1955; reissued 1977.
Herbie Mann: alto flute; Sam Most: flute; Joe Puma: guitar; Jimmy Gannon: bass; Lee Kleinman: drums

A Ritual
from the Salute to the Flute album, recorded April 29, 1957; released October, 1957; reissued on CD as When Lights Are Low, in 1988.
Herbie Mann: alto flute; Bernie Glow, Joe Wilder, Don Stratton: trumpets; Urbie Green, Chauncey Welsch: trombones; Anthony Ortega: alto sax; Dick Hafer: tenor sax; Sol Schlinger: baritone sax; Joe Puma: guitar; Hank Jones: piano; Oscar Pettiford: bass; Gus Johnson: drums

Blues Walk
from the Do the Bossa Nova With Herbie Mann album, recorded Oct. 16, 1962; released January, 1963.
Herbie Mann: flute and alto flute; Pedro Paulo: trumpet; Paulo Moura: alto sax; Sergio Mendes: piano; Durval Ferreira: guitar; Otavio Bailly, Jr: bass; Dom Um Romao: drums

I Love You
from the Nirvana album, recorded December 8, 1961; released October, 1964.
Herbie Mann: flute; Bill Evans: piano; Chuck Israels: bass; Paul Motian: drums

from the Today! album, released April, 1966.
Herbie Mann: flute; Jimmy Owens: trumpet; Jack Hitchcock & Joseph Orange: trombones; Dave Pike: vibes; Earl May: bass; Bruno Carr: drums; Carlos "Patato" Valdes: percussion; arranged and conducted by Oliver Nelson

from the Windows Opened album, released 1968.
Herbie Mann: flute; Roy Ayers: vibraharp; Sonny Sharrock: guitar; Miroslav Vitous: bass; Bruno Carr: drums

Chain of Fools
from the Memphis Underground album, recorded August, 1968; released April, 1969.
Herbie Mann: flute; Roy Ayers: vibes; Larry Coryell: guitar; Sonny Sharrock: guitar; Reggie Young: guitar; Bobby Emmons: organ; Bobby Wood: piano; Tommy Cogbill or Mike Leech: bass; Gene Christman: drums

Ooh Baby
from the Live at the Whisky A Go Go album, released 1969.
Herbie Mann: flute; Roy Ayers: vibes; Steve Marcus: tenor sax; Sonny Sharrock: guitar; Miroslav Vitous: bass; Bruno Carr: drums

Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty
from the Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty album, recorded December 10, 1969; released July, 1970.
Herbie Mann: flute; Roy Ayers: vibes; Wayne Jackson: trumpet; Ed Logan & Andrew Love: tenor sax; James Mitchell: baritone sax; Barry Beckett: piano; Eddie Hinton: guitar; David Hood: bass; Roger Hawkins: drums

Man's Hope
from the Push Push album, recorded July, 1971; released September, 1971.
Herbie Mann: flute and alto flute; Duane Allman & David Spinoza: guitars; Richard Tee: piano; Donald "Duck" Dunn: bass; Al Jackson, Jr.: drums; Ralph McDonald: percussion

Respect Yourself
from the Mississippi Gambler album, released July, 1972.
Herbie Mann: flute; David Newman: flute & tenor sax; Reggie Young: guitar; John Christopher: guitar; Bobby Wood: electric piano; Bobby Emmons: organ; Mike Leach: electric bass; Gene Chrisman: drums; Carlos "Patato" Valdes: congas

from the Jasil Brazz album, released 1987.
Herbie Mann: flute; Mark Soskin: keyboards; Paul Socolow: bass; Romero Lubambo: guitar; Duduka Fonseca: drums

Peace Piece
from the Peace Pieces album, recorded spring, 1995; released October, 1995.
Herbie Mann: flutes; Bruce Dunlap: guitar; Eddie Gomez: bass; Louis Nash: drums

Keep the Spirits Singing
from the America/Brasil album, recorded April, 1995; released October, 1997.
Herbie Mann: flute; Cyro Baptista: percussion; Cafe: percussion; Romero Lubambo: guitar; Ricky Sebastian: drums; Paul Socolow: bass; Mark Soskin: piano

Herbie Mann on the Radio
Live on Morning Becomes Eclectic, KCRW: July 12, 1996

Herbie Mann Live at the Blue Note
recorded April 13, 2000 - New York City
Herbie Mann: flutes; Gil Goldstein: accordion, keyboards; Alexander Federoock: zymbalum; Paul Socolow: bass; Bruce Dunlap: guitar; Geoff Mann: drums

Herbie Mann Plays Push Push

Live at the Whisky AGoGo Peace Pieces