July 20, 2009

Top 40 Favorite Albums Since Woodstock

by Jim Newsom

1. Van Morrison: Moondance (1970)
All the nightís magic seems to whisper and hush

2. James Taylor: Sweet Baby James (1970)
Sunny days that I thought would never end

3. The Who: Whoís Next (1971)
Itís only teenage wasteland

4. If: If (1971)
I want it said when I am gone: I moved the world just one step on

5. Jethro Tull: Stand Up (1969)
Just take your life easy and stop all that hurrying, be happy my way

6. Bruce Springsteen: Born to Run (1975)
Kids flash guitars like switchblades, hustling for the record machine

7. The Beatles: Abbey Road (1969)
Got to be a joker, he just do what he please

8. Cowboy: 5íll Get You Ten (1971)
Take your time, take your coat off; ease your mind, take a load off

9. Stevie Wonder: Innervisions (1973)
Gonna keep on tryiní till I reach the highest ground

10. Paul Simon: There Goes Rhyminí Simon (1973)
We come in the ageís most uncertain hour and sing an American Tune

11. John Mellencamp: The Lonesome Jubilee (1987)
Do you let it smolder like paper in fire?

12. Bob Dylan: Blood on the Tracks (1975)
Every one of them words rang true and glowed like burniní coal

13. Joni Mitchell: Court and Spark (1974)
Unfettered and alive

14. Todd Rundgren: Something/Anything (1972)
If I ever need a reason to smile

15. Mary Chapin Carpenter: Stones in the Road (1994)
Why walk when you can fly

16. Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life (1976)
Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand

17. Billy Joel: The Stranger (1977)
A bottle of white, a bottle of red; perhaps a bottle of rosť instead

18. Bob Marley & The Wailers: Natty Dread (1974)
Lively up yourself, for reggae is another bag

19. James Taylor: Mudslide Slim and the Blue Horizon (1971)
Love has brought me around

20. The Band: Stage Fright (1970)
Go out yonder, peace in the valley; come downtown, have to rumble in the alley

21. Rod Stewart: The Rod Stewart Album (1970)
Remember happy hours spent drinking and thinking, we thought we could change the world

22. Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers (1969)
Got a revolution, got to revolution

23. Steely Dan: Gaucho (1980)
She donít remember the queen of soul

24. Cat Stevens: Tea for the Tillerman (1970)
Itís hard to get by just upon a smile

25. Brian Augerís Oblivion Express: Closer to It! (1973)
Happiness is just around the bend

26. Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind (1970)
The minstrel of the dawn is here to make you laugh and bend your ear

27. Led Zeppelin: Led Zeppelin IV (1971)
Been a long time since I rock and rolled

28, George Harrison: All Things Must Pass (1970)
The lord is awaiting on you all to awaken and see

29. The Kinks: Muswell Hillbillies (1971)
Iím a 20th century man but I donít want to be here

30. The Doors: L.A. Woman (1971)
Like a dog without a bone, an actor out on loan

31. Jethro Tull: Benefit (1970)
Once it seemed there would always be a time for everything

32. Blue Oyster Cult: Blue Oyster Cult (1972)
Cities on flame with rock and roll

33. Doobie Brothers: The Captain and Me (1973)
We all got to be loved, itís the natural thing

34. Santana: Santana III (1971)
Let your spirits dance

35. The Who: The Who By Numbers (1975)
No easy way to be free

36. Paul McCartney: Ram (1971)
Hands across the water, heads across the sky

37. Van Morrison: His Band and the Street Choir (1971)
Roll me over Romeo

38. Elton John: Madman Across the Water (1971)
Another glimpse of the madman across the water

39. Little Feat: Waiting for Columbus (1978)
We can walk together down in Dixieland

40. Graham Parker & the Rumor: Squeezing Out Sparks (1979)
Passion is no ordinary word

copyright © 2009 Jim Newsom. All Rights Reserved.